"May you build a ladder to the stars and climb on every rung." ~ Bob Dylan
Life is a journey. Mine, like yours, has traveled through many ups and downs. Through it all I've
gained valuable insights that I share with others through
Private Counseling.
One of the things I've learned is that life is a series of steps. Wherever you are in your life right
now, be it a comfortable place or not so comfortable place, there were steps that brought you here.
Where you go from here will partially be determined by the next step you take.
I invite you to take the next step consciously. Be like the Kingfisher at the top of this page who hovers above,
studying the water below. Survey your life, be grateful for its good graces. But also feel the rough edges; allow them
to inform you.
Perhaps they are propelling you to your new destination whether that is a physical space such as a job, home, or
partnership. Or a new way of thinking, acting, or being in relationship.
You are the architect of your own life. What are you creating?
Perhaps for tools you'll need some of Kingfisher's patience, persistence, and determination.
But you can do it. You can create through where you place your focus. Set a clear intention and take your next step.
I'm here to lend a hand, if you need some assistance stepping onto your unique path of discovery ...
information available