"You are not given the light by anyone; not even a spiritual teacher.
You are that light." ~ Swami Satchidananda
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Personal Journey:
My introduction to yoga began a long time ago. I was 16 years-old sitting on the
bleachers in my high school's gymnasium. I found a flyer on the bleachers that advertised
Transcendental Meditation as a means for releasing stress. Like many teens I was having
trouble coping with the many responsibilities of school, home, activities, work, and friends.
Yoga is the quieting of the mind. That means anyone of any physical ability is capable of
engaging in yoga as it is designed to relax us through movement that is right for our own body.
What is Yoga? And Can I Do It?
At the time, yoga and meditation were not in widespread use. But the calming effect it had on
me was visible to others. It made people curious about it, asking me if I thought it could help
them too. So I began sharing what I had learned with those who asked; leading me to the role of
yoga and meditation instructor.
We receive a fuller experience of life when we quiet the thinking mind. When we measure our life by outer
accomplishments, acquiring things, and the need to please others we seesaw between satisfaction and dissatisfaction.
We cultivate the ability to transcend our mind. Not because it is wrong or bad. But because there is something else.
An inner knowing that feels liberating and peaceful. Yoga is designed to take you there, take you home to your peace.
Yoga is not a dogma to follow. That is why it is a great compliment to anyone's belief system.
Through well crafted postures and breathing you lighten up and make helpful discoveries. You start to uncover deeper
elements of your human being, not through someone else's description, but from
your own direct experience.
"So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing." ~ T.S. Eliot
I invite you to develop your own personal practice with yoga to see what is waiting for you.
I promise you will make discoveries that enrich your life. ~ Namaste
"Remember that all of the Yoga movements are natural; the demands that are made on the body
are never excessive; they are an opportunity to develop patience." ~ Richard Hittleman
That means if you want intense physical movement you can choose rigorous postures. But it also means, and this is
important, that if your body is less flexible or has limitations you can choose gentle stretching. So try to not get too
hung up on the postures and the current fanfare about what yoga is supposed to look like. Relax and have fun with it.
Replacing Tension with Relaxation
In daily life we are so busy thinking about the details of life, that we get stuck in loops of over thinking. It produces an
underlying nervous tension making it difficult for us to relax. We feel a need to control the world around us, unable to
trust and go with the flow. And that wears us out.
Yoga  postures are aimed at releasing nervous tension in order to feel more grounded, centered, and balanced, and  
create an ability to flow more easily through life.
The Inner Journey
Yoga is that place of balance between the seesaw. We get to experience life beyond the world of demands.
I'm not currently
teaching yoga but
encourage you to
practice yoga at home or
in a studio to receive its
many benefits.