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"We are not so much bothered by things as we are bothered by the
way we view things."
Human beings throughout history have realized that there is a relationship between
how we think and how we feel. Around 300 B.C. Greek Mathematician, Euclid, said,
Also Yoga, an ancient and respected philosophy, is based on the concept that our
state of mind is responsible for how we feel.
Nowadays modern psychology uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as a primary
method for treating depression and anxiety. "Cognitive" refers to how we think.
"Behavioral" refers to how we act. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is based on the
idea that the best way to help people act and feel better is to help them think better.
Music has a great power to influence our thoughts. Music speaks not only to our
consciousness but also to our subconscious;  inspiring and transforming us.
Music can literally change the way we think and feel.
I encourage you to utilize music for the gifts it offers. Add it to your toolbox for self-care. Let it shift your thoughts by
invoking a sense of connection. L
ean on music like you would a friend; supporting you through setbacks and successes.
Allow music to cleanse you, lift your mood, and empower you to live life more fully.
The Power of Music:
"So often times it happens we live our lives in chains and we never even know we have the key."
~ The Eagles