"In the sun, the rain, the snow ... let it grow." ~ Eric Clapton
What is Transpersonal Psychology?
"Standing at the crossroads, trying to read the signs,
to tell me which way to go to find the answer.
And all the time I know,
plant your love and let it grow."
~ Eric Clapton
Transpersonal Psychology is about growing. Take the age you are now and divide
that number in half. Take a moment to recall what you were like back then. Consider how
much you've learned since that time.
Year after year we deepen our understanding about life.
The growth comes from our experiences.
And it comes from how we respond to those experiences.
What changed? You did. You grew.
Transpersonal Psychology helps us grow, consciously.
We might be growing out of a grief that has us feeling lost. Or a sadness that seems unmanageable.
Or an anger that won't subside. Or an anxiety that won't loosen. Or a racing mind that won't quiet.
Within all of the turmoil is a wisdom waiting to surface.
Maybe we are learning patience, self-forgiveness, trust, or courage.
In one-on-one counseling sessions, we talk. We listen to each other.
We develop a deeper understanding.
You understand yourself better. And I understand my role in assisting you better.
Offering tools and insights so that you can grow as you are meant to.
What is a Counseling Session Like?
An acorn holds the promise of an oak tree.
Transpersonal Psychology helps you grow toward the promise within yourself.
And just like the acorn needs soil, sun, and rain to grow, Transpersonal Psychology helps you create the conditions
that help you realize your potential.
As your counselor I help you see who you are. Perhaps a happy person encased in sorrow or a brave
person paralyzed by fear. Or a creative spirit locked in the mind. Or an intelligent person stymied by drama.
Some part of you already knows who you are. Like a sculptor sees the figure within. And like a sculptor you
might already have an idea of what pieces to shed or what rough edges to smooth. And you might already know the
road to yourself. But you might find the path blocked by a familiar or unexpected challenge.
Wherever you are in your life, you are growing into a deeper
understanding and a fuller expression of yourself.
Just as the tree that grew from an acorn continues to develop deeper
roots and stretch more fully to the light.
Commit to your path and you will grow.
We grow from boys to men; from girls to women.
And then we have the opportunity to grow into a wise elder.
And the privilege to share our lessons of growth with those coming up.
Celebrate your path. Learn as you walk upon it.
And keep on growing.
I am honored to help you discover what you already know.
And to help you become more fully who you already are.
For example, a relationship ending might result in shouting and blaming each other and
never speaking to each other again. Later in life another relationship's end might include
the same emotionally charged reactions. But then you calm down and listen to each
other. You speak your truth about how the love you once shared has subsided.
And decide to part amicably.
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In other words the tree is already in there.
Imagine holding an acorn in your hand.
Can you see the tree in there?